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Scientific surveys - Assignment Example Samuel Huntigdon’s article on â€Å"The Clash of Civilizations1 is one of these later investigations, and it presents an endeavor at a structure for examination of world history. Rather than focussing on singular country states, as old style history does, or searching for land highlights and emergencies as worldwide history does, Huntingdon centers around human culture. This implies his examination fits into the class of world history. The central matter of the article is that antiquarians should follow mankind's history through the civic establishments which rise and fall in different areas and over longer timeframes. He recognizes a progress as â€Å"a social entity†2 and clarifies that civic establishments might be extremely huge, similar to contemporary China, or little, similar to the Anglophone Caribbean.3 These substances separate themselves by their specific blend of predominant religion, belief system and customs. As indicated by Huntingdon’s examinatio n, these developments are isolated from one another by â€Å"fault lines† which at the appointed time are probably going to become lines of fight. This is an argumentative hypothesis, since it clashes with different perspectives, for example, those dependent on financial aspects, for instance, which foresee that propelling globalization will cause asset deficiencies and that this will be the wellspring of future clash. Huntingdon refers to the contention between Arab culture and Western culture, which has by chance been continuing throughout the previous 1300 years, for instance of precisely this sort of significant issue line.4 Following this line of thinking, clashes between nations which are extensively western are probably going to be communicated as far as financial rivalry, while clashes between some different civic establishments, similar to the Muslim and Hindu clashes in Asia, are bound to bring about military activity and episodes of ethnic purging. These distinctio ns can be followed in the common world perspectives on the particular societies, some being dominatingly industrialized and entrepreneur, while others are prevalently provincial and medieval. He notes rather chillingly that â€Å"Islam has wicked borders,†5 by which he implies that this specific human progress resorts to military strategies so as to keep up power over partnered nations. The models that Huntingdon refers to would all be able to be utilized to fortify his thought that civic establishments are the biggest unit of human gathering, and his portrayal of how nations lift up each other when occurrences of savagery emit can be evidently found in the cutting edge world. He yields, in any case, that contentions additionally rise inside developments, which rather debilitates his reality based hypothesis, yet he disregards this colloquialism that these contentions are â€Å"likely to be less exceptional and less inclined to grow than clashes between civilizations.† 6 The obvious end result of Huntingdon’s approach is that the following universal war will be a war among human advancements, and the most probable applicant will be a war between â€Å"The West and the Rest.†7 Part Two: Nationalism and the Frontier. The impressions of Frederick Jackson Turner on the idea of America in the mid twentieth century8 is a significant work of history, despite the fact that it reflects numerous perspectives and beliefs which would these days be viewed as out-dated. The first chapter9, particularly, which is entitled â€Å"The Significance of the Frontier in American History† presents a legitimately contended theory clarifying a portion of the highlights of current America which we can even now observe at work today. Turner sees the ever-subsiding western outskirts of the new landmass in the last 300 years

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Customer Management: Nefab Company

Presentation Client the executives has been a vital piece of business forms since the beginning of business, even before cash was presented. Advancement of items and administrations planned for addressing the requirements of the client is the thing that decides the adequacy of the client maintenance and reliability methodologies (Rao and Perry, 2002). This paper investigations the operational techniques and methodologies received by Nefab Packaging Company-UK in giving items and administrations and their viability as far as consumer loyalty Background informationThe principle business region for Nefab Company is bundling. It is a worldwide organization with worldwide inclusion. Its home office is in Sweden, yet it has various auxiliaries in Europe and America including the UK (Nefab Group, 2013) where I happen to be one of the representatives. A large portion of its tasks include working intimately with different organizations around the world with the plan of giving them the best quality bundlin g answer for their items. Nefab Company has near 20 significant clients around the globe with various other little clients appropriated all over Europe. The organization handles its clients utilizing two methodologies; its huge worldwide clients are totally taken care of by the focal administration of the association while the other little to medium estimated clients are dealt with at the company’s neighborhood workplaces in the separate nations (Nefab Group, 2013). To improve its seriousness and manageability as a worldwide bundling organization, it has as of late presented client relationship the board division (Nefab program Manager, 2012). This office works under the human asset division and is answerable for advancement and execution of frameworks planned for guaranteeing the degrees of consumer loyalty are high in the organization. A portion of the principle elements of this office are (Nefab program Manager, 2012): Creating and concentrating sight on the clients Pay thoughtfulness regarding client lifetime esteem Develop the executives support for a client focussed methodologies Developing viable incentive for information gathered from the client Developing a comprehension of the degrees of the board association in client the board Developing adaptable business procedures to help a wide scope of client needs Advising the IT office on what to create as a methodology of upgrading consumer loyalty The present client relationship the executives framework works dependent on Microsoft’s CRM framework. It is at present actualized in many divisions of the organization (Nefab program Manager, 2012). Right now, the organization is progressing in the direction of expanding the degrees of incorporation of those administrations into the business work and guaranteeing that all the rules and systems are utilized effectively to acknowledge most extreme profit by the new office in the association (Nefab Group, 2013). The Company’s Customers This organization works in the business to business division and thusly the entirety of its clients are organizations looking for bundling administrations. The principle battle for the organization is to grow long haul associations with different organizations all inclusive. The way that the organization has extremely little clients, it is significant for the organization to boost on consumer loyalty as it can't stand to lose any client and must battle to draw in additional in the worldwide market. The significant clients for this organization are organizations in six worldwide modern fragments: Vehicles, Aerospace, Healthcare gear Industry, Energy, and Telecom among numerous different enterprises. The things that our clients are looking for are bundling items that are reusable and simultaneously effectively superfluous. The bundling ought to likewise be planned so that the nature of the items isn't influenced during transport. In addition, the present degrees of ecological affectability by numerous organizations have come about to organizations looking for bundling that are as green as could be expected under the circumstances and have negligible mischief to the earth. Besides, the clients require bundling that is ideal regarding weight to limit the expense of transportation of the item. These are the primary zones that client relationship the board office is focussed on in this association. This organization has built up a methodology that guarantees every one of its clients are notable. The framework depends on client division as far as items they purchase from the organization. The division is likewise done dependent on areas. This is significant since the organization has auxiliaries conveyed everywhere throughout the world. The procedure of item advancement is done through thought of the details of every client. This is principally accomplished by creating items dependent on customers’ guidelines and bearings. The utilization of client division permits this organization to address the issues of practically all its customers.Customer ObjectivesThe advancement of this office will be focal in advancing a conviction that all is good, an inclination of being in charge and trust among clients. The fundamental explanations for the advancement of the client relationship the board office in this association were to (Nefab program Manager, 2012): Improve client lifetime esteem; Develop the best vital data and correspondence; Develop client maintenance procedures; Enhance the degrees of consumer loyalty . This organization built up this office as a focal member during the time spent growing and keeping up piece of the overall industry effectively. Especially, maintenance of clients can be accomplished through learning significant data, for example, desires, inclinations, propensities, and names about clients (Nefab program Manager, 2012). This office is relied upon to build up a one-on-one relationship with clients as a methodology of guaranteeing that they return habitually growing close relationship between the organization and its clients. Moreover, the division is additionally expected to build the degree of IT joining into client the board, bringing about elevated levels of closeness among clients and the organization. The significant levels of utilizing IT permit the association to an assortment of representatives in overseeing client relationship evacuating the boundary related with customized consideration of the client (Nefab program Manager, 2012). This will result to supported hierarchical execution and thus productivity regardless of whether certain representatives are done working with the association. Along these lines, there are three principle client related destinations in this activity; client maintenance, consumer loyalty, and client reliability (Nefab program Manager, 2012). The presentation of client relations the board division is required to upgrade the degree of client unwaveringness. By making this organization increasingly proficient about its present clients just as forthcoming clients will guarantee the administrations offered to them are offered in the best way accessible to fulfill the client emphatically affecting on the degrees of client faithfulness. A comparative case is normal in consumer loyalty. Building up a positive encounter between this organization and the client has been viewed as the fundamental methodology towards guaranteeing the client is exceptionally fulfilled. This division is likewise centered around guaranteeing the activity done by the organization is the best. This will at last outcome to elevated level of client maintenance. For example, th is organization has been experiencing various cases of disarray and misguided judgments particularly when representatives can't determine what has been conveyed to a particular client and what should be conveyed and when. This has depicted the organization as lethargic to its clients. This has managed the organization a significant blow in the process as it contrarily influenced consumer loyalty levels. These three targets are identified with each other. For example, a client who has a consistent recurrent buy is supposed to be faithful while simultaneously, a client must be steadfast if the items and administrations are palatable. Business Related Objectives This office is centered around satisfying client related destinations, yet additionally business goals. As far as business, targets are assortment and investigation of information to build the understanding degrees of client. This is significant in guaranteeing the association addresses the issues of the client and is in a situation to give present and future client needs. This is additionally basic in creating future conjectures for creation and deals possibilities. The improvement of procedure robotization is additionally another significant target of this office. It is vital for the improvement of effectiveness and at last benefit of this association. Most examinations concur that the most significant goal of client connection the board at hierarchical level is to accumulate data. Xu and Walton (2005) obviously clarify the primary purpose behind assortment of data by an association as being to empower the association comprehend its clients, to address the issues of the clients and furthermore create compelling procedures to meet the company’s future possibilities. Client Relationship Management Strategies There different speculations that attempt to clarify the techniques utilized on client relationship the board. The most widely recognized ones dissect client contact focuses, front office, back office, and warehousing. To have the option to break down the methodology embraced by this organization in dealing with its clients, it is important to audit this parts. WarehousingThis is the zone in authoritative procedures that has various literary works in regards to the execution of client connection the board (CRM). In particular, Bose has built up an extremely intricate model that examinations all the essential strides during the time spent actualizing CRM. This model is rearranged by a rundown created by David (1999). In this way, David’s list is far reaching enough to give direction of the way toward actualizing CRM. Another execution plan that isn't as unpredictable as Bose’s was created by C

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purchase custom Multimedia in Science Mathematics Education exposition What is Multimedia? Sight and sound by and large alludes to a PC based intelligent procedure of correspondence. The utilization of media in instruction gives assortment as well as dynamism and simple foundation of affinity through cooperation. Yet, in particular, mixed media use is non-direct, that is, takes into account the utilization of various mixed media devices and different types of correspondence, for example, sounds, writings, movement, designs, pictures and video. This is the integrative part of media. This encourages the fuse of chosen themes and visual delineations in various organizations like graphs and livelinesss utilizing interactive media instruments. The Best Multimedia and Technology Use in Classrooms A ton of understudies despite everything discover trouble in learning math and science. The decrease in the quantities of school graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teaches in the US, for example, is mostly ascribed to the feeble exhibition of the US kids in global evaluation of science and math (Thiel et al, 2008). While individual bent can be a piece of the issue, it is likewise because of deficient or poor educating learning condition. One answer for this is the utilization of intelligent and powerful interactive media programming. As training advances, various looks into have been done, connecting the human intellectual procedure with the utilization of mixed media so as to improve execution in these subjects. It is viewed as significant that individual learning qualities be thought about if each understudy is to be gained information. Sadly, because of large study halls, high number of understudies, constrained instructor time, this is normally troublesome. To take care of this issue, it has been contended that intelligent interactive media can encourage individualized directions to understudies, and can enable the individuals who to think that its difficult to learn by ordinary methods. This has viably been utilized to show different subjects, including arithmetic. The exhibition of learning is affected by the cooperation between ones psychological style and the instructional materials utilized, including the substance type and method of introduction. Embracing techniques which suit the understudies explicit learning styles enables the understudies to obtain an inspirational disposition toward the showed subject, in this manner improving execution (Burke and Dunn, 2003; Ford and Chen, 2001). The achievement of an instructor is estimated by his/her capacity to connect with the understudies in the learning procedure in a way that energizes and urges them to be interested for learning. At the point when understudies take dynamic part in developing new thoughts from their encounters, translations and cooperations with instructors and companions they effectively get master comprehension of ideas of arithmetic and science. In spite of the fact that it is difficult to pinpoint a specific sight and sound and innovation as the best for showing Mathematics and Science, as these apparatuses do supplement one another, the key characteristic(s) of the devices utilized must be their capacity to encourage intuitive learning. This includes venture based getting the hang of (giving top to bottom understanding into arithmetic and science and encourages basic reasoning); taking care of true issues (encourages insightful preparing of data for discovering answers for issues through discrepant occasions/tests and contextual analyses in math). In Mathematics, a portion of this intuitive sight and sound incorporates application bundles, for example, web crawlers (web), word handling bundles, introduction programming, spreadsheets, drill-and-practice programming. Different projects, for example, reproduction programs, Java applets, and so forth. In science, theories incorporate the utilization of innovation apparatuses, for example, models of logical procedures, for example, protein collapsing, recreations and virtual labs, video conferencing, email and other cooperative devices. A portion of these integrative media and innovation incorporate; a) Podcasting. Today, understudies every day use Podcast apparatuses: advanced cells, ipods, and so on. Incorporating these devices in instructing math and science will encourage utilizing advanced gadgets for versatile as well as understudy learning. b) Online apparatuses. These apparatuses give extraordinary focal points to math and science instructors as they help the understudies secure and further their insight through Web 2.0 devices. They encourage learning by and connection between understudies through language abilities, asking, exploring, guessing, conjecturing and endeavors to clarify discoveries. c) Modeling and Simulations apparatuses. These encourage seeing genuine procedures and invigorate further understanding. These incorporate; I. MathMol (for atomic displaying). ii. YASARA (a windows program for recreation and displaying, sub-atomic designs). d) Interactive whiteboard are convenient, simple to introduce, and can take a shot at actually any level surface. This encourages simple refreshing and usage of existing hardware at low expenses. Instructor Competencies The way to aiding and directing understudies through legitimate securing of innovation information is the homeroom instructor. The instructor sets up the correct study hall setting and readies the open doors that encourage the understudies usage of innovation in learning, just as imparting (UNESCO, 2008). It is accordingly of key significance that the study hall educators are decidedly ready and outfitted with the aptitudes through which to give the correct chances to their understudies. In 2008, the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) distributed ICT Competency Standards for Teachers. In this distribution, UNESCO tried to give a working educational program system. This system set out to; an) Address the hidden Policy Framework, (UNESCO, 2008) b) Examine instructive change parts. c) Develop a lattice of aptitude modules for educators which relate to different methodologies of strategy and segments of training change, (UNESCO, 2008). d) Describe in detail the particular aptitudes that instructors would be expected to procure inside every expertise module. The Curriculum Framework This structure is partitioned into three principle levels of instruction change, which depend on the advancement of human limit: innovation proficiency, extending of information and the making of information. Every one of these levels is talked about under the six significant parts of a sound instructive framework: approach, instructional method, educational plan, association, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and instructor preparing (UNESCO, 2008). a) Technology Literacy. Educators must have essential advanced proficiency abilities and have the option to choose and suitably utilize instructive instructional exercises, drill-and-practice, web substance and games in PC labs or with just constrained study hall assets so as to supplement the destinations of standard educational plan, ways to deal with evaluation, unit designs and deducting strategies for educating, (UNESCO, 2008). The educators should likewise know about the arrangement targets and objectives of innovation proficiency. They ought to thusly have the option to distinguish the comparing segments of instruction change approaches/programs. b) Knowledge Deepening. Here, educators are relied upon to have the option to oversee data, to structure critical thinking undertakings, and incorporate programming devices and subject-explicit errands by utilizing understudy focused techniques for instructing and activities in which understudies work together so as to encourage their inside and out comprehension of standard ideas and applications to taking care of certifiable issues. (UNESCO, 2008). c) Knowledge Creation. The reason for this arrangement is to expand profitability by giving innovation information to understudies, and eventually a workforce that is never-endingly occupied with creation and development of information from which they all can profit. Educators should take the main walks by making/planning new ICT-based assets for learning; to encourage information creation and aptitudes for basic deduction by structuring suitable and significant study hall exercises that encourage the accomplishment of these objectives. Instances of Best Practices Best practices allude to the interactive media activities embraced by people in arithmetic, science or mechanical fields that improve great virtues to the people rehearsing them. For this situation, we inspect two significant instances of best practices that are uncommon to both arithmetic and science fields. These incorporate the innovation and various insights utilized in sensible or arithmetic. Innovation and Multiple Intelligence utilized in Logical or Mathematics The number savvy people get the hang of utilizing numbers, thinking and critical thinking. Through the execution of sight and sound in numerous Intelligence, the understudies and others can set up and work visuals and create mental pictures from numerous viewpoints. The innovation required now is the utilization of PCs and recordings (Burke and Dunn, 2003; Ford and Chen, 2001). Consequently, the understudies can quantify, weight, ascertain and sort out information in scientific issues. The different insight through the impact of media, in this, the PC, offers the understudies the chance to create or work information they find in the web. This likewise applies when these understudies are given the camcorder to record their logical analysis (David, - 2011). This is a case of the best practice in arithmetic field that elevates great qualities to the understudies since it makes the understudies to appreciate what they are doing particularly in information assortment, completing tests and taking care of issues. Using PCs as an interactive media practice, the understudies are make, databases, spreadsheets, graphs, and progressively other information association and undertaking figurings that are a commitment to a gathering. The accompanying outline shows an understudy utilizing PCs to take care of numerical issue. Through this training, the understudies enjoy critical thinking, foreseeing, estimating, testing, p

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Girl Gravity And Two Kinds Essay Example For Students

Young lady Gravity And Two Kinds Essay A moms love for her youngsters should be something that never bites the dust. The issue is, this adoration can be communicated from multiple points of view. Some of the time, thelove is appeared so that there is no uncertainty that this lady would doanything for her posterity. At some point, this affection can be seen, as a way thatthat the mother is attempting to form her little girl into what she accepts is theright approach to carry on. Different occasions, the mother is attempting her best to makesure that her youngster is giving a valiant effort. These three kinds of adoration areexpressed in the three short stories Girl, Gravity, and TwoKinds. The mother in Girl is depicted as a domineering beast. Forsome obscure explanation, she has given her little girl numerous rules by which she hasto live by. The explanation might be that the mother was a dissident in her adolescence. Itcould be that the mother has a dream of what her girl is to resemble. Thereason is obscure. However, what is known is that this mother wont take anythingless than what she might susp ect a woman ought to resemble. To the information on the reader,the kid has done nothing incorrectly to need to get this reproving. The mostdemeaning area of the tirade is the point at which the mother says ' so to preventyou from turning into the whore you are so set on turning out to be.' (Kincaid 13) Thismother, for reasons unknown it might be, has the possibility that her girl, who sheis SUPPOSED to cherish with her entire existence, has her young brain set on turning out to be aslut. Each time the girl attempted to toss in a remark, it goes all fornaught. The mother doesn't react to the remark that her youngster says. Theproblem is this story may have been settled; it may have not been settled. Nobody will know. Yet, the chances are that if the mother will act like this now,there are no indications of her changing whenever soon. The girl inthis story needs to live with the truth that her mom has an attitude of what awoman is. Tragically, it seems, by all accounts, to be for all intents and purposes difficult to fill the moldthat her mom has for her. In Gravity, the mother has been placed into anawful circumstance. Her child, who is by all accounts around 30 years of age, has the AIDSvirus. He has become frail and weak. He fundamentally depends on his mom for allhis needs. This mother is depicted as a mother that will (and lamentably hasto) do anything for her child. In any event, when he was a little youngster who couldn't see,his mother loaned him her glasses so he could see Fiddler on the Roof. Shedid this with full information that she would be compelled to squint for the entireshowing. The mother herself has her own ailments, which she needs to manage. Be that as it may, even still, she puts her children prosperity before hers simply like shehas when he was a little kid who couldnt see. The mother not just doesthings to help her child genuinely, she gets things done to help him inwardly. Whenshe and her child are in a shop buying a blessing bowl, she hurled the $500 glassbowl to her weak child. To the astonishment of her child and every other person in thestore, he hung on. Theo, the child, was overpowered with delight that he didnt seea heap of glass before his feet. On a par with a mother as she may be, she doeshave a few defects. In the first place, she to some degree gives the feeling that she has beenannoyed with the circumstance. She additionally feels that individuals are continually looking downon them. In the long run, it is accepted that the child will die. Right up 'til today, nocure for AIDS has been found. Regardless, Theo, has constantly known, and alwayswill know, that his mom would have moved the world to see him wi th a grin onhis face. All things considered, she had been doing whatever it took to satisfy him sincehe was a little kid. Two Kinds is a story where a mother believesthat her little girl could be the most perfectly awesome at something as long as she puther psyche to it. Sadly for the mother, she and her little girl didn't seeeye to eye in this. The mother in this story is a Chinese migrant who leftbasically everything to begin her life once again in the USA. She has consistently had thebelief that anybody can become anything they needed in the US as long as they puttheir brain to it. She would sit before the TV or read a magazine and seeall these youngster wonders. Regardless of whether it be Shirley Temple on the Ed Sullivanshow or a three-year-old kid who could name all the capitals in the UnitedStates and even the capitals of some European nations, the mother had her mentality that that could be her little girl. Her little girl, has the contrary conviction. Shebelieves that ther e is no possible way that she could get one of theseprodigies. Her mom tests her insight just as her melodic capacity, butit everything is without much of any result. In the wake of seeing a piano presentation on the Ed SullivanShow, her mom decided that her little girl would have been aworld-famous musician. Her mom marked her up for exercises with an elderly person intheir high rise. Since her little girl accepted that it was outlandish forher to become to wonder in piano, she didnt have a go at anything near hermaximum capacity. At that point, during a melodic exhibit, her little girl attempted to performa tune. It was a disrespect. There were botches left and right. It broke hermothers heart to see that her girl wasnt incredible at something. Soonafter the catastrophe at the presentation, Nikan had a battle with her mom about thewhole piano circumstance. The battle arrived at the point that Nikan said to her motherThen I wish I werent your little girl. I wish you werent my mothe r.(Tan 34) Her mom was in finished stun over what she had quite recently heard. Theevents that occurred that evening were never referenced again. The two hadmoved on practically like it never occurred. Her mom no longer pushed her tobecome something her little girl accepted she never could be. She either acceptedher girl for what she was, or she at last understood that her little girl had nodesire, fit as a fiddle or structure, to turn into a star. She didnt need to live theAmerican Dream. Moms do what they feel best for their kids. Maybethe youngsters don't accept that they are having good intentions. In any case, on the off chance that you look deepinto the core of the circumstance, you will see that adoration is beingexpressed.

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The executives 4100 Cultural Diversity - Essay Example he quick easygoing eating experience, of which Noodles and Company is a piece of, is additionally mainstream with purchasers matured under 24 years since it has a casual environment and offers an incentive for cash, particularly after the ongoing monetary emergency. The biggest portion that is relied upon to visit the café will be those matured somewhere in the range of 24 and 35, particularly since this is the age bunch that frequents quick easygoing cafés the most. The purpose behind this is the unhurried idea of administration and the arrangements that quick easygoing eateries make for little kids (Anthony 35). The vast majority of those matured over twenty-four are relied upon to be both female and male, particularly on the grounds that those meeting Noodles and Company in this age gathering will be hitched. It is likewise expected that they will have little families, possibly somewhere in the range of one and three kids, and they will be in the center level of pay (Walker 54). A large portion of them will be utilized with college training. Since this eatery is to be opened in Qatar, it is normal that they will be Muslims; in spite of the fact that, the world cup in 2022 is required to acquire clients everything being equal. This gathering is comprised of strivers who append significance to status and picture, fought conformers who look to be ordinary and follow slants, and are conventionalists who are unwilling to hazard taking (Walker 56). For the 18-24 age gathering, the two sexual orientations will be focused on. This age gathering won't be relied upon to have youngsters with them, alb eit most Noodles and Company eateries in the US have seen an ascent in couples visiting. Their pay is required to be generally lower than the previous, and they will be understudies in secondary school and college. This gathering is comprised of self-actualizers who are investigating change, imaginative, and individualistic. They are additionally trend-setters who are setting their own accomplishment targets and are daring individuals. At long last, they are regard searchers who are materialistic and try for progress images (Walker 57). Since the 18-24 age bunch was the most hit by the

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Dreaded Data Sufficiency Questions That Will Test Your Knowledge of Number Properties

Here is an often-repeated complaint we hear from test takers Data Sufficiency questions that deal with number properties are very difficult to handle (even for people who find problem-solving number properties questions manageable)! They feel that such questions are time consuming and often involve too many cases. Here is our advice when solving number properties questions, imagine  a number line. It reminds us that numbers behave differently between 0 and 1, between -1 and 0, less than -1, and more than 1†, and that integers occur only at regular intervals and that there are infinite numbers in between them. The integers are, in turn, even and odd. Also, 0, 1 and -1 are special numbers, hence it  is always a good idea to consider cases with them. Let’s see how thinking along  these lines can help us on a practice Data Sufficiency question: If a and b are non-zero integers, is a^b an integer? Statement 1: b^a is negative Statement 2: a^b is negative The answer to this problem does not lie in actually drawing a number line. The point is that we need to think along these lines: -1, 0, 1, ranges between them, integers, negatives-positives, even-odd, decimals and how each of these comes into play in this case. What we know from the question stem is that a and b are non-zero integers, which means  they occur at regular intervals on the number line. To answer the question, Is a^b an integer?, lets first look at Statement 1: Statement 1: b^a is negative For a number to be negative, its base must be negative. But that is not enough   the exponent should not be an even integer. If the exponent is an even integer, the negative signs will cancel out. Since a and b are integers, if a is not an even integer, it must be  an odd integer. We know that the sign of the exponent is immaterial as far as the sign of the result is concerned (since a^(-n) is just 1/a^n). For b^a to be negative, then we know that b must be a negative integer and a must be an odd integer. Does this help us in deducing whether a^b is an integer? Not necessarily! If b is negative, say -2, a^(-2) = 1/a^2. a  could be 1, in which case 1/a^2 = 1 (an integer), or a could be 3, in which case 1/a^2 = 1/9 (not an integer). Because there are two possible answers, this statement alone is not sufficient. Lets look at Statement 2: Statement 2: a^b is negative Again, the logic remains the same for a number to be negative, its base must also be negative and the exponent should not be an even integer. If the exponent is an even integer, the negative signs will cancel out. Since a and b are integers, if b is not an even integer, it must be an odd integer. Again, we know that the sign of the exponent is immaterial as far as the sign of the result is concerned (since a^(-n) is just 1/a^n). For a^b to be negative, then we know that a must be a negative integer and b must be an odd integer. a  could be -1/-2/-3/-4†¦ etc, and  b could be 1/3/5†¦ or -1/-3/-5. If a = -1 and  b = 1, then a^b = -1 (an integer). If a = -2 and b = -3, then a^b = (-2)^(-3) = 1/(-2)^3 = -1/8 (not an integer). This statement alone is also not sufficient. We hope you see how we are using values of 1 and -1 to enumerate our cases. Now, let’s consider using both statements together: a is a negative, odd integer, so it can take values such as -1, -3, -5, -7, †¦ b is a negative, odd integer too, so it can also take values such as -1, -3, -5, -7, †¦ If a = -1 and b = -1, then  a^b = -1 (an integer) If a = -3 and b = -3, then a^b = (-3)^(-3) = -1/27 (not an integer) Even using both statements together, we do not know whether a^b is an integer or not. therefore, our answer is E. Thinking of a number line and knowing what it represents will help you tackle  many Data Sufficiency questions that are about number properties. Getting ready to take the GMAT? We have  free online GMAT seminars  running all the time. And, be sure to follow us on  Facebook,  YouTube,  Google+, and  Twitter! Karishma, a Computer Engineer with a keen interest in alternative Mathematical approaches, has mentored students in the continents of Asia, Europe and North America. She teaches the  GMAT  for Veritas Prep and regularly participates in content development projects such as  this blog!

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The Fear of Miscegenation in Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter - Literature Essay Samples

By the middle of the nineteenth century, the young American establishment appeared to have surmounted the instability of its formative stages. The citizens of what had originated as a disorganized and inefficient alliance of thirteen diverse territories succeeded in cultivating a nationalistic pride in the destiny of their great democracy. A new generation recognized the devastations of a distant Revolutionary War and the subsequent struggles for unity as mere specters of history. However, beneath a surface of harmony and contentment, currents of discord threatened to plunge the United States into ruin and collapse. Racial tensions had rested at the center of public focus for much of the preceding century, commanding widespread attention since the contentious issue of slavery first became a matter of federal divisiveness in 1808. Not surprisingly, the subject of ethnicity functions as a primary topic in a substantial portion of the eras literary canon. The external inevitably rendere d its impact upon human psychology, and numerous works dating to the epoch in question chronicle the interactions between Caucasian settlers and the other peoples who populated to vast U. S. landscape. In many of these narratives, the latterly mentioned individuals hail from African descent, but the prejudices Anglo Saxons harbored toward their black slaves were rivaled by the paranoia white harvested for the American Indian. In policies of forced relocation, the federal government acted on a variety of fears regarding the Native American, chief amongst which was that of miscegenation and the pollution of American culture by the primitive influence of the savage. Nathanial Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter exemplifies the extent to which this obsession of bloodline preservation shaped national ideology and ingrained itself upon the intellectual productions of the 1800s. The undertones of the narrative are evident immediately after the plot commences. A rosebush on the prison exterior fu nctions as the focal point of chapter one. Signifying the elements of passion associated with the inmate, the flower serves to illustrate by contrast the bleakness of the rigidly civilized Puritan community and the encroachment of the surrounding wilderness upon the austerity of the city. Like the dangerous yet alluring plant, the forest and its inhabitants simultaneously attract and repel the sensibilities of the devoutly Christian pilgrims. From the opening paragraphs of the story, the connection between the heroines pregnancy and the sphere of the Indian is clearly delineated. As Hester stands atop the scaffold, her show of defiance is interrupted by the recognition of her long distant spouse at the periphery of the crowd gathered to observe the spectacle. Situated beside an Indian in his native garb stood a white man, clad in a strange disarray of civilized and savage costume (Hawthorne 53). The suspicions regarding the paternity of the Prynne infant are thus projected at the ta les outset onto the man who might and should have been the girls father. The conclusion at which the community has arrived involves a transgression even more serious than that of faith. The potentiality is that Hester, obstinate in her refusal to name the partner in her crime, has ignored the ultimate boundary: that of race. Considering the gravity of the religious felonies in question, the townsfolk cannot know to what extremity the sinners depravity extends. Her infidelity may have been perpetrated with one of the heathens indigenous to the foreign New World. The mysterious physician is the outlet onto which the fantasies and horrors of the pale men find their expression. His heterogeneous garb (53) is an amalgam of the rumors, verities, and terrors that the Salemites in have constructed to satisfy their curiosities and preconceptions concerning the scandal at hand. In much the same way, Hesters movement to the dilapidated cottage is an active advancement toward the primal chaos o f the wilds. The heroine associates herself all the more closely, both in a physical and metaphorical sense, to the lifestyle of the red man. Hesters decision to relocate to the outskirts of the town is not one of independence but one of matrimony, a choice in which she weds herself to all of the dark possibilities and suggestions of the woods. To the societal scrutiny from which she is attempting to escape, such behavior is suspect indeed. The link between the fruits of the protagonists affair and the realm of the nomad extends throughout the entirety of the book. The child is imparted with an array of properties that render her the mortal approximation of the titular seal of shame. Pearl is such an appropriate product of her mothers lawlessness that she, was indeed the scarlet letter in another form; the scarlet letter endowed with life! (91) The little girl is of a red aspect, not only in the fact that she is the emblem incarnate but also in the singularity of her personality. Th e seven-year-old conducts herself with a deportment that vacillates between tantrums and docility: Above all, the warfare of Hesters spirit, at that epoch, was perpetuated in Pearl. She could recognize her wild, desperate, defiant mood, the flightiness of her temper, and even some of the very cloud-shapes of gloom and despondency that had brooded in her heart. They were now illuminated by the morning radiance of a young childs disposition, but, later in the day of earthly existence, might be prolific of storm and whirlwind. (81)This disconcerting strain of unpredictability mirrors the notions that might easily connote the image of the beastlike Indian unable to exert the necessary repressive devices that typify civilized culture. Such a sense of dis-ease is created by the ethereal sprite that, Hester could not help questioning, at such moments, whether Pearl was a human child. (82) The city from which the pariah has been ostracized agrees in totality with this doubtfulness. Pearl ha s no father, but, more importantly, is without a white father. The child lacks the legitimacy of a verifiably Caucasian heritage, and in the absence of racially untainted familial predecessors, she is incomplete. The narrator can consequently refer to her only as an imp of evil (83) and a demon offspring (88). Dimmesdales failure to publicly assume the responsibilities that he shoulders privately reiterates the significance of the effects generated by this mystery of paternity. Until the uncertainties surrounding her lineage can be resolved, Hesters daughter is as unredeemed as the pagans. When the girl declares, I have no Heavenly Father! (87), the statement is unironic. This progression of ideas is underscored by the evolution of Chillingworth. Though initially welcomed by the village, the old physician quickly loses favor with the majority of Salem. Compelled by the same intuitions that reflected the doctors bonds to the dishonored Hester in the third chapter, the members of the congregation begin to view the erstwhile parent in a decisively pejorative context:To sum up the matter, it grew to be a widely diffused opinion that the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, like many other personages of especial sanctity, in all ages of the Christian world, was haunted either by Satan himself, or Satans emissary, in the guise of old Roger Chillingworth (114).The stress is deliberate when the author informs his audience, Two or three individuals hinted that the man of skill, during his medical attainments by joining in the incantations of the savage priests, who were universally acknowledged to be powerful enchanters, often performing seemingly miraculous cures by their skill in the black art (113). The relationship between the diabolical and the indigenous is thus emphasized to a degree that demands acknowledgement from the participant in the fiction. The contrast between the misconstructions of the mass imagination and reality provides the central conflict of the novel, an d it is this disparity between presumption and fact that propels the climactic scene in which the Reverend takes his place upon the scaffold beside his family. Open confession and abbreviated reunion are preferable to the darkness of that veritable jungle, the home of the redskin: Is this not better, murmured he, than what we dreamed of in the forest? (231) The mystery of paternity is also solved in this scene, and the ramifications are of epic magnitude:Pearl kissed his lips. A spell was broken. The great scene of grief, in which the wild infant bore a part, had developed all her sympathies; and as her tears fell upon her fathers cheek, they were the pledge that she would grow up amid human joy and sorrow, nor forever do battle with the world, but be a woman in it. Towards her mother, too, Pearls errand as a messenger of anguish was all fulfilled (233).The truth of the implications that haunted the seven years of Pearls life has finally been illuminated, and the revelation, however scandalous, is indeed more acceptable in the view of society than any alternative that gossip and rumors might have been allowed to perpetuate. A spotless ancestry has been confirmed, and the child is restored to the purity and blamelessness to which the young are typically elevated. The lives upon which she and her mother embark remain undistinguished by event or misfortune, and eventually assume the quality of normalcy. Yet certain stigmas can never be completely forgotten, and it is for this reason that Hester returns to New England. The heroine will forever be associated with the untamed, the Indian, and finally resigns herself to these associations. Self-perception is largely determined by the influence of exterior opinion, and Hester consequently surrenders to the prejudices that will forever link her to the carnal, the bestial, and the savage.Creative expression is frequently considered a testament to the power of the environment over the individual. The manifestations of ar tistic thought unavoidably bear the telltale signatures, on one level or another, of the atmosphere in which they were conceived. The Scarlet Letter operates as an invented past onto which Hawthorne transferred the fears of miscegenation that dominated the culture of which he was a contemporary. The writers masterpieces illustrates the profound repercussions of ethnic divides in the epoch of such perversely xenophobic policies as the government-endorsed Trail of Tears and underline the subjective component inherent in psychic labor. Works Cited Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter.